About me

My life started with science

GAC is a graphic design and art direction studio based in Porto, Portugal.

Gonçalo started working as a freelancer designer in 2008. His work is based in a visual thinking process, always trying to push ideias to the limit. He is specialized in music related graphics, like Poster events, Vinyl artwork covers and labels. There is also space for Branding, Editorial, Web and Photography.


Gonçalo Alves Costa | 1979 | Porto, Portugal.
Designer | Freelancer.
Invicta Concept, Porto.
AT - ATransformadora.
Freelancer, Graphics, Web, Editorial, Corporative.
International Poster and Graphic Design Festival of Chaumont.
HTML / CSS Course | Alquimia da Cor, Porto.
Workshop of Graphic Design with Linda Van Deursen, Zurich.
Workshop with Art Chantry, ESAD, Porto.
High Degree | Graduation in Comunication Design, ESAD, Porto.
High Degree | Graduation in Microbiology, Univ. Catolica, Porto.

Currently on the MA Comunication Design, ESAD, Porto.


808 is a project by Porto based DJ, promoter and label manager Gonçalo Alves Costa. Gonçalo is hosting highly-respected podcast series for over six years, starting with the “BRAULIO176”, series with contributions from MoveD, Prosumer, Eli Verveine, to name a few. His latest series “SALÃO ÁTICO” received a lot of international attention for showcasing well-selected DJ-mixes from established names like Fred P., XDB, Esther Duijn, Hinode and Tristen. In 2014 Gonçalo started hosting “Salão Ático”, nights in his hometown Porto with XDB playing on the first night, Esther Duijn on the second, and Chris Mitchell to follow next. Early 2015 he decided to launch his own label, Helena, a vinyl-only imprint that has by now released records by Hinode, Ephemeral, Aleks, Module Werk, and Altitude. With a strong focus on visual aesthetics, the covers are made with black and white pictures taken by Gonçalo himself. From garbage to patterns, from textures to noise, the aim is to portray the vibe of the music on the covers of the label’s releases.